Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Weather permitting, mow season commences on First week of April and terminates in November. Mowing is done on a weekly basis. This service includes mowing turf, trimming around buildings and walkways, and blowing clippings off all walkways and driveways. All clippings are picked up and hauled away.

Spring Clean Up

The Spring Clean-Up includes lawn thatching by power raking and manual raking. All debris, twigs, accumulated leaves and other trash is removed from around the building, landscape beds, walkways, and driveways. The soil is cultivated around the garden and landscape beds to keep the soil healthy. We also reseed with peatmoss to improve the health and appearance of your lawn. Spring Clean-Up usually takes place during March to April

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning includes cleaning all debris from gutters, downspouts, and´┐Żall accessible roof areas. We also haul and clean up all gutter related debris off the ground. Gutter maintenance can actually prolong the life of your home. Most customers have their gutters cleaned 2 or 3 times per year.

Fertilizer Treatment

Treated lawns stay green and weed free. Should be applied 4 times a year for best results.

Grub Control

Grubs feed on grass roots until the grass dries out and dies leaving brown patches.


Process of punching holes into your lawn to allow water, oxygen, fertilizers, and other nutrients to penetrate the soil and better reach the roots of your grass. Best results if done twice a year

Shrub / Bush Trimming Planting


Mulch and Playground Wood Chips

Landscaping Design & Installation

Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance


Retaining Walls

Sodding / Seeding

Top Soil


Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Stump Grinding

Fall Clean Up

Snow Removal Services