Arlington Heights, IL - Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is a technique that involves the removal of specific damaged parts of the plant to benefit the tree. It is essential for maintaining and sustaining a plant’s health and increasing the quality or yield of flowers and fruits. This practice allows the targeted removal of diseased, damaged, dead, structurally unnecessary, unwanted or non-productive parts of the plant.

Tree Trimming Service Includes:

  • - Assessing the tree
  • - Remove branches that show signs of damage and are dead
  • - Remove and haul all tree debris Thin out areas that are thick with branches.
  • - Prune branches that act as obstructions to wires, roofs & chimneys
  • - Shape the tree
  • - Remove and haul all tree debris

Experienced Team

Our team at Lotus Landscaping and Tree Service provides expert tree trimming as prescribed by our professional and reliable arborists in Arlington Heights, IL. We understand the importance of your trees, we know that every cut made during tree pruning can not only change its look but also affect its growth patterns. It’s essential that an arborist first analyzes the tree and select the parts that need removal so that the entire process is carried out in consideration of the structure and characteristics of your particular plant.

Commitment to excellence

We make sure that the techniques we use are selected while keeping in mind the tree’s current stature and shape. Improper pruning, in the long run, can cause a lot of harm to the tree as it affects the tree’s future growth, increases maintenance costs and reduces the property value which can take years to recover.

Our Mission

At Lotus Landscaping & Tree Service, we are dedicated to making sure that your trees and their surrounding environment thrive. We have a team of passionate workers who pay attention to even the smallest detail. Our customers and their satisfaction are our utmost priority therefore we make sure to include them every step of the way. Our decisions regarding the services are always aligned with the opinions and judgments of our valued clients. We are also available for consultation services and are prepared to work with you to transform your trees.

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